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What is Theragrove?

A professional networking community unlike any other. Theragrove is a community focused on your professional development, connection, & growth.



Join the movement to a modern, collaborative professional network that supports you beyond a social post. 



Learn from each other. Share evidence-based best practices within your specialty. Share resources that help clients from every angle of care.

Grow Your Practice

All the features missing from social media groups and listservs.

Professional Community, Development, & networking

Open To New Members

Become a member and enjoy a private way to connect with and learn from colleagues.

Let other professionals see what you have to offer so they can send the right clients your way.

List your services and events in the calendar so clients can find them on the public client-facing page.

Theragrove will offer two membership types with a free trial. Early adopters will receive special membership subscription perks.

Awesome Features!

Resource Library

Post and browse the community sourced library of practice and treatment resources such as:
- worksheets
- evidence-based interventions
- practice templates
- community resources
- & more

Search or tag resources by type, approach, concerns, demographics, and more.

Referral Boards

Have a specific specialty for a client to refer out? Post referrals in the referral board.
Tag referrals by concerns, approach, location, insurance, and more. Easily keep track of responses and discussions in your board post.

Subscribe to referrals in your area and receive notifications for referrals in your state. Easily find referrals based on referral tags and search features.

Events Calendar

Post your groups, webinars, workshops, trainings, or any other offerings on the events calendar. Tag your events with categories and tags.

The events calendar is public, which means members and non-members can view your events!

Provider Member Directory

Complete your professional profile to let others know your specialties, practice information, services, interests, and ways you'd like to connect.

Advanced directory search to find exactly who you need to connect with.


Create or join groups to connect with and share between other specialists. Groups may be public to members or private to limited members.

Create groups around a course or program you offer.

Post on forums within groups for a more organized Q&A, referrals, or other uses. The sky is the limit.


Post articles in the blog to share your experience and knowledge with members and non-members.

Theragrove Blog is public. When you complete your profile and write a post, your website is included. This helps boost your site's authority to help with SEO.

Discussion Boards

Create and utilize discussion boards for specific topics such as compliance, practice management, new therapists, and more.

Discussion boards are searchable and organized Q&A style forum where you can post discussions, tag them with categories, and post responses.

This is much easier than sifting through days, weeks, months, and years of social media posts to see if your question or resource has already been discussed.

Mediacasts Directory

Post your podcast, youtube, or other mediacasts to the mediacast directory.

This helps with your show's linking authority (SEO) because it is public.

Tag and categorize your mediacasts so it's easy for others to find shows relevant to their own or their client's needs.

Private Community

Gone are the public social media days. Get off "The Book" and on to a platform meant for us.

Search, connect, and collaborate with providers in your area or specialty.

Post on the community wall, forums, create or join groups, find resources, share resources, the possibilities go on...

Join as an Instructor

Host Courses & Full Programs

Do you have a course or program for other providers? 


Develop a community around your trainings and programs with Theragrove’s group and forums course features. 

Features in Development


Theragrove is just getting started and we have big plans to bring you more and more features. Here is a peek at what we are working on.

Job Listings

Grow your practice. Post jobs. Search jobs. Apply to jobs.

Online Courses

Continuing education and non CEU courses provided by community members. As Theragrove grows, we will be seeking approval as a CEU provider so stay tuned!

Live Webinars

Host live webinars!

Multi-Discipline Integrative Health Professional Network

As Theragrove grows, we hope to expand by including other integrative healthcare professionals for cross-discipline resource sharing and referrals. Other disciplines are welcome to join at any time, but the network is currently focused on resources for Mental Health pros.

Feature Request

Would you like to see something come to life at Theragrove? Submit a feature request by emailing

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide the best care and find the most success in practice when we share, collaborate, and learn from one another.
The best Therapists seek out consultation, leverage community resources, and constantly seek opportunities to connect and learn.
Theragrove is a private space unlike any other to do all of the above!
You can connect with other providers, share and download resources, promote services and events, post questions, and more! There even are more features coming.
Gone are the days where we lean on social media to meet our needs.
The short answer is yes, but Theragrove should never take the place or be the place for true consultation.
Theragrove provides the perfect place to start for seeking consultation. Using posts, forums, or posts within specialty groups you may tag you specific question with corresponding categories and tags. This way, those with the specialty in question can provide brief answers with their contact information so you may follow up with in person, phone, or secure video chat on your own time.
When posting, please know there are guidelines and requirements in place to protect client information/private health information. Never post PHI and always seek to follow up formal consultation through appropriate and private means
Absolutely! This is why Theragrove exists, to help elevate what you do and get it in front of the people who are connected to other clients that need your services!
Before Theragrove, there wasn’t a comprehensive and organized way for us to present our services. Now, you can post your groups in a shared calendar, link your services, share your programs, and more!

No. Theragrove is not HIPAA secure and is not a place to disclose or share client information. We take this very seriously and will delete any content that violates the terms of use. We also reserve the right to cancel memberships and ban any members who violate these rules.


Theragrove is a private website only meant for licensed providers, but there is not a 100% guarantee information is private because it is a public networking website. Therefore, content posted on Theragrove should always be treated as if a client may have access to the website, just like any other social media or  public website. 

Theragrove is rich with features and requires a lot of resources to keep it running. As Theragrove grows, the value of its offerings will only increase.

We made Theragrove with you in mind. However, we recognize not everyone has the needs its features. You can cancel your membership at any time and hope you return to try us out again as our offerings and features grow. 


Because of the nature of our online membership and the content available on Theragrove, we cannot issue refunds. If you’re not totally happy you can contact

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